3 statistics about Medium and how to make them work for you

George J
1 min readOct 22, 2022
Photo by Orlando Schwarz: https://www.pexels.com/photo/key-hole-on-a-wooden-door-12535925/

A key I noticed about succeeding on Medium is learning by observing what works. You can do that by observing the most successful writers and by looking at statistics and making sense of the numbers. This is exactly how people selling you courses about how to write on Medium learnt.

When I analyzed my stats, I noticed short stories performed the best. Then I read that 68% of Medium’s traffic comes from mobile traffic. It made sense. I researched Medium statistics to see how we can benefit them. Here’s three main statistics you’re overlooking:

68% of us read articles from our phones on the Medium app

Action: write short, well-structured and with under 2 minutes read time articles.

49.56% of traffic comes from search results

Action: don’t ignore SEO, add the keywords in picture descriptions, in titles, subtitles and text, organically.

only about 6–10% of writers earn over $100/month and 50% don’t earn a single cent

Action: use Medium as a tool to build an audience, find clients, grow your other platforms (newsletter, email list, YouTube channel, etc.), improve your skill, have a voice, all while you’re getting paid (pennies, but still).